Vauxhall City Farm

Winner of the Lambeth Business of the Year 2011 Award.

Vauxhall City Farm is a little piece of the countryside right in the heart of London. The Farm provides recreational, educational and therapeutic services to the local community.

It’s all about the children and young people that take part in our projects, as well as the animals that create a fabulous focal point and visitor attraction.

Youngsters can join in the Youth Project as young volunteers and learn how to look after the cows, pigs, sheep, goats, alpacas, ducks, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, guinea pigs and horses – many of them award winners at various agricultural shows. Schools are frequent visitors as part of the Education Project and our Riding Project runs subsidised riding lessons and ‘Riding for the Disabled’ programmes.

Nigel was a Trustee of Vauxhall City Farm for a number of years, including serving as Company Secretary, Vice Chairman and Treasurer at various points during that time.

In 2011 we won the Lambeth Business of the Year Award – against very strong competition from both large and small businesses in the London Borough of Lambeth – illustrating how well thought of we are in the community.

Nigel says: “The Farm does great work in the community and has a very strong Board of Trustees working hard to support the charity’s staff and guide the organisation’s strategic direction. We are pretty ‘hands-on’ and are always learning from each others’ particular expertise.”

The Chair of the Trustees, Faith Boardman, says: “Vauxhall City Farm and Trustees have benefited greatly from Nigel’s highly professional skills and approach. His input has contributed significantly to the Farm’s continuing financial growth and to our delivery of a wide range of services and facilities that are highly valued by the communities and individuals that we support.

The charity is funded by generous grants and donations from Trusts and Corporate bodies as well as donations from the general public. To find out more about the Farm and how you might be able to help please visit

Vauxhall city farm
cows at Vauxhall city farm

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